The Better Man for a Better Michigan 

Issues We Face

  • A New Direction
  • Consumer Protection
  • Economic Justice
  • The Economy and Jobs
  • Education
  • Energy Independence
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Health Care
  • Human Rights
  • Immigration
  • Veterans
  • Family Farm Preservation

My Focus

A New Direction
Why I Am Running For The House Of Representatives

We need positive people making educated decisions that will create good paying jobs and that starts with having a good public school system that is adequately funded. I hear about job creation in the state but what I am not hearing anymore is that we need to create good paying jobs with benefits. If elected I will be looking at how the State of Michigan spends our tax dollars and other revenues that the state takes in.

Education Certainly Is An Issue For Everyone

We need to make changes to our education system from preschool to the colleges and universities. We need to change our priorities in education. One of the problems we have is students and parents are not properly informed on the percentage of people that will find a job in their field of study and what college degrees lead to good paying jobs. I think this information should be made available to high school students and to college students as they sign up for majors and minors. If they choose to pursue a degree with little chance of finding a job at least they will know that before spending, and in many cases borrowing the money to fund their education. It is a shame that so many people with college degrees do not find work because their degree does not lead to a good paying job. Many of these people then go to a community or junior college to get the training to find a decent job. We need to change this system. Not all jobs require a four year degree and not all four year degrees lead to a good job. Colleges need to be more affordable and students and their parents should not be stuck with $30,000 or more of college debt with little chance of finding a good paying job with benefits.

The Economy And Jobs
Bringing Business Back To Michigan

Another issue is job creation. We need to keep and add good paying jobs in our area so the people living in our counties do not have to move in order to have a good paying job with benefits. To do this we need to have a work force that is properly trained for the jobs that are currently available in the Thumb area. I will work with the school districts and intermediate school districts to make sure our programs fit the types of jobs that are currently available and could be available in the future. I will be advocating the 84th district to companies that are looking to expand or move their operations. We have a lot of resources that go unnoticed by many companies. The new milk processing plant in Cass City is an example of what can happen. Our industry in the Thumb will always be tied to agriculture and the auto industry. We need to strengthen these ties and look for ways to expand these industries in the Thumb. We do not need anymore businesses closing like Kmart, Norman’s and Carter Lumber in Bad Axe.

Energy Independence
Wind Turbine Tax

I would like to start focusing on issues that are important to the people living in the 84th district which is Tuscola and Huron Counties. One of the important issues is keeping the wind turbine tax from changing to a less favorable depreciation schedule. The energy companies have and are still lobbying to get the depreciation schedule changed in their favor. I will work with the county commissioners in both counties to make sure that the energy companies pay at the higher depreciation schedule which means more money for our districts schools, cities, counties, townships or any other taxing authority. I am also concerned with what will happen with the wind turbines when they are decommissioned. We need to make sure that we do not end up with turbines that are dangerous and an eyesore to our landscape.